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This is a general admission event in The Gallery at LPR.


The Talking Cure: Tell Us How You Really Feel…
Dave Hill

Dave Hill is a writer, performer, rock star, actor, comedian, and now author. His book, Tasteful Nudes… and Other Misguided Attempts at Personal Growth and Validation, a collection of personal essays, was published this month. He has written for The New York Times, Salon, The Huffington Post, and many others. He is a regular contributor to NPR’s This American Life and has also appeared on Comedy Central, BBC America, and Adult Swim. Dave wrote Tasteful Nudes mainly to make people laugh and maybe touch a few hearts. And if it ends up leading to sex for him, well that’s just a bonus.

Dawn Fraser

DAWN J FRASER is a humorist, storyteller, and national speaker based in New York City. She hosts “Barbershop Stories,” which
features storytellers performing true tales in a Brooklyn salon
in Brooklyn. She has performed on storytelling shows including
Story Collider, RISK, and The Moth, and has been a featured
performer on The Unchained Tour.

Selena Coppock

SELENA COPPOCK is a New York City-based standup comedian,
writer, and storyteller. Her debut book, The New Rules For
, a collection of essays celebrating and subverting
the blonde stereotype, will be released in April. Her writing
has also been featured on TheFrisky, McSweeney’s, and the
Collared Sheep. As a storyteller, Selena has performed on
RISK!, Stripped Stories, and The Moth.

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