Corn Mo and .357 Lover

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After high school, Corn Mo joined a juggling troupe and provided a soundtrack for the jugglers. When that ended, he started a duo with another fellow named Mauve Oed. They opened for Tiny Tim. And then, Mauve Oed left. Then, he used his OR400 synth for an art rock band called The Dooms UK. And then, they faded. And then, he started .357 Lover which became the band of what he tried to convey as solo artist. He decided to do both. Then, he joined a sideshow circus called The Bindlestiff Family Cirkus. He began touring and having adventures. He went to Alaska and played accordion for his aerialist girlfriend. He went to Europe with a circus cabaret and played on the streets. He opened for The Polyphonic Spree. They had an extra bunk. In order to ride on the bus he had to join the band. So, he opened for them and then put on a robe after his set. He enjoyed that band. Then, he left the Polyphonic Spree. After that, he toured with a burlesque group. And then, he did some shows with David Cross, Nick Offerman, Ben Folds, Wheatus and They Might Be Giants. It has been an excellent time for him. And it keeps getting better.